CNN Joins UNWTO on #TravelTomorrow Campaign

We are ensuring full compliance with the CDC and local government while maintaining a safe and secure environment for our employees and customers.

During these uncertain times, the health and safety of our customers and employees are of utmost importance to us. All of our colleagues are working from home until further notice. We are digitally connected with each other, with our business partners and the Shuffly community.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has put holidaymaker’s travel plans on hold and has changed the way most people live their lives. However, we remain grateful for the reflection that we are now forced into. While the future remain unclear, it is important to stay ahead, reimagine what the new reality will look like, and back to the questions at heart:

When re-introducing social distancing has defined a new normality ——

How will Covid-19 affect our future travel behavior

What can we prepare to optimise the travel experience of our customers?

We must, however, sharpen our strategy and come out stronger with our affiliates, customers, and with YOU.

Together with our business partners, we are committed to continuing to provide exceptional services. You’re welcome to get in touch with our team. We remain readily available via our Live Chat function and email should you require assistance.

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