A travel industry startup sees an opportunity in CyberMiles

Have you ever been in a foreign country you always wanted to visit? A day of discovery, while stumbling on something new that has your eyes transfixed on the surroundings, it’s easy to get lost in a dream world you can’t even imagine. You know the feeling, right?

Well, just ask SHUFFLY: “ Can you surprise me?

and it’ll find out-of-the-way places and experiences for you to explore.

From a practical perspective, SHUFFLY is a real Swiss Army knife for travelers. Before and during your trip, you basically can plan the whole itinerary with it. The platform not only will recommend and show you directions, but it also can provide all kind of online services: airport transfer, currency exchange, plane ticket bookings, etc.

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#GenesisValidator [13]: LiMaGo, a travel industry startup, sees an opportunity in CyberMiles

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